I can’t say enough about Dog Country Dog Camp. It’s six acres of fenced-in area for dogs, located in Indiana. We send our dog Punky about every two weeks and it has made a huge impact to her well-being. The owner, Steve, picks her up around 8:30 am and drops her off at around 6. She gets to run around off leash for the whole day, exploring and hanging out with other dogs. She’s exhausted and so content when she gets back home. I am so grateful that we get to give her this experience. It’s a lot different than being in a dog park or taking long walks. Nothing can really compare to it. Punky loves Steve like a family member!!:) I highly recommend Dog Camp – it’s Lincoln Square’s best kept secret for dogs.

Maureen D.

Doggie Day Camp is also a special treat for Lily – a full day to run around in the open completely wears her out, but you can see her smiling in her sleep.

Kristen K.

My dog Buster has been going to Dog Country Dog Camp for about a year now. He just loves it! Whenever Steve picks him up, Buster practically leaps into his arms. It feels really good to know that Buster is running around like a maniac all day while I’m putting in a long day at work. And I know that he will be exhausted and relieved when I leave him the next day. I live for the pictures on Facebook of the dogs frolicking! It makes me feel great to know that Buster is getting the exercise and fresh air that he needs during the day. Now if only someone would send ME to camp!

Annie K.

I have been sending my dog to Dog Country Dog Camp since they started it, and I love it (well, my dog loves it more I am sure). When I come home on the days she has been, she is so calm and usually staring at me from her bed versus following me around and wanting to play all night. It’s a great break, and I know it is so great for her to be around the other dogs and run around to her heart’s delight. I have also been home when Steve comes to pick her up, and she gets so excited he has some troubles getting her leash on her. I can’t speak highly enough about Steve and this business. I encourage everyone to send their pups.

Annie G.